My first blog of 2015 on my other blog…want to share it here too..

Ok so I sit down (actually I really haven’t left my bed…yet) and grab my laptop to check and see what’s going on in the world of all things cyber and I read my Twitter page….and there I find this beautiful lady who is named Sarah Bessey; whom I found through The Work of The People…a webpage where you can get uplifted to last your day through…I digress.

So I found Sarah there, follow her on Twitter and I read this glorious, wonderful, uplifting, rejuvenating blog post from her and it was amazing. Her non~judgmental way of writing speaks to my soul like no other can. I trust her, at some cyber level that just doesn’t happen, I trust her to not connect me to some weird blog…she introduces me to One Word 365, which is the real topic of this blog.

I have NEVER been one for resolutions, just always felt like a bucketload of unmet expectations to me, so when I turned onto this page, One Word 365, I found a new hope in my soul. I have been thinking about this for a few days…this blog asks you to think of a word that will describe you and your actions for the next 365 days…then you can join other people, if others have chosen your word, and create a community of like~minded people living out the word that speaks to all of us.

The word I chose seems to be who I am. I am learning, and I really mean this is is a new knowledge that just came into words after Sarah’s page and the One Word page came together in a collision of loveliness in my soul and spoke to me about who I am and who I want to be this year; and beyond.

People seem to share things with me; things they never share with anyone else….I have always thought it a bit strange I mean…why me?  Now I am understanding that that is a sacred position. It is a beautiful place to be.  I don’t need to take things personally. I don’t need to be burdened by others stuff…what I would like, this year, to be able to do is ‘rejuvenate’ those who share their woes with me…so they can carry on with their lives.

This sounds really arrogant and God knows my heart.  I don’t mean it like that at all. I just hear myself saying a LOT in my life ‘why am I the one that gets everybody’s crap’…well maybe I need to grasp the sacredness of it.  It is a holy position to listen to someone…Just listen….so they can hear God speaking to them…what I mean by rejuvenate is I want to be a place…a sanctuary if you will…where people can share their burdens and with a non~judging ear be somehow encouraged to carry on. That is what I want in my life and heart in the coming year.

So REJUVENATE is my one word.

Please…share what is on your heart about your word.

If you desire the above address’…

Sarah Bessey’s blog can be found here….http://sarahbessey.com

Sarah’s Twitter address is @sarahbessey

The Work Of The People is: http://www.theworkofthepeople.com


Love & Grace.

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