Eyes That Can See That Which Isn’t Seen…

Often times, I, me, we, wonder what we can do to make this world better or different. I don’t know about any of you who might be reading this but I get a chance to every time I walk out my door.

As I stated in a previous post, I believe I am being called to the spirit/word rejuvenate at my ‘word of the year’…I feel it in my own spirit; the tugging that occurs when I see hopelessness around me…I am not talking the fake, high pitched pollyanna stuff we all know to well. I am talking about getting into peoples environment; into their space; and being what they need me to be…I am not skilled, educated(by a school) nor do i have money…what i do have is a sense of the hopelessness that we are all living in.

old&young hands

As long as I can be a light, as long as i can be present, FULLY, for another and offer hope just by being..somehow not only are they rejuvenated but I end of being as well…and it is like dropping a pebble in a body of water…the ripple affect is never ending. So often I struggle with my actions, or lack of them, as being able to matter in the grand scheme of things…then i get hit with the does of real-ity; and somehow it sets my mind on the path my heart has always been leading me on.

I am grateful today that I am insignificantly significant. I am grateful to know it is not the grand gestures that always help people along on their journey; I am grateful as well that I have quite looking for the grandiose; the ego that will set me apart and that i can go outside my front door today and people who have a need I can fill somehow mysteriously beyond my control are attracted to me.

I am blessed that I have eyes that can see that which isn’t seen and ears that can hear that which isn’t spoken.

Love & Grace.

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