Never Too Old For Being Called Names…

So I was up early & walked to the store to get some ‘game day’ groceries. On my way home one of my neighbors that I hadn’t met yet was behind me so I thought I would introduce myself. This is how the conversation went…

“Hi. I don’t know who you are and I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Lisa & I live in #16. You are?

“I know who you are, you’re the Corporate Spy.”

The conversation ensued from their. He tried to finagle his way out of calling me a corporate spy, which he truly sucked at; and I proceeded to tell him why I went to management in the first place….

This is now the way I am viewed in this apartment complex of 45 apartments and as long as it means I can open my window without breathing in 4 other people’s smoke….corporate spy I am I suppose.

I have worked really, really, really hard at achieving what level of wellness (not boasting just truth) whether physical, spiritual or mental that I have today. I go through channels before going to management. I quit smoking years ago and it is highly unacceptable to me to breathe in someone’s smoke because they are not following guidelines put forth not only by the management company but by state law as well.

I talked to my neighbors upon two different occasions…no changes made. What is the next logical step…encourage management in complex to do their job…

All of that to say I had someone I didn’t even know say he knew who I was and identified me by calling me a spy.

I get it. I truly do. I have been mentally ill since I was at least 5 years old…and the thought process is that most are the enemy; don’t care about you; and are after something…always after something. I get it.

I also want my dwelling to be a place where it is encouraged for those who have worked through that thought process and are on the road to health to be nurtured. Well….looks damn good on a blog however that really isn’t reality. I have spent my whole entire life being called names; I am sooooo over it.

I want to have my little place on this earth be free of chaos, so I can, in turn, be the best me I can be. I really don’t care if these people smoke I just don’t want them to do it within range of my window…even my visitors go to the street….

so now the barrier exists between me & others I don’t know…that I am a corporate spy…yeah I don’t have it in my to think like that anymore so I won’t be hanging out with people around here much…

p.s. name calling still hurts my heart…truth or not…because it is identifying me with another label…and I dang sure have enough of those…

May God shower us with abundant Love & Grace.

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