there is just so much of life i do not get.

the way i was woven in my mother’s womb…the idea that i am “highly sensitive”…it is hard just sooooo very very hard living in this world when you are described as having “innate biological vulnerability to emotions”…

Innate: inborn, natural; existing as part of the basic nature of something..

Biological: genetically related; related by blood

Vulnerability:  easily hurt or harmed physically, mentally or emotionally; open to attack, harm or damage

Emotions: a strong feeling…

there is nothing more to say except this makes it very very difficult when in the middle of my active disorder; to “trust my maker”…jesus why are some days sooo hard…

this is the kind of day where i wish that i could do some of the old stuff again just to stop the noise and pain and emotion in my head..


Love & Grace.

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