Self Kindness…

Means I won’t feel guilty about crying, eating shortbread for breakfast or sitting in my recliner under a super duper soft blanket that says “I love you to the moon” which my sister & her son gave me.


Self kindness means I will do exactly what I want to do today, even if that means I do nothing.


It means breathing in salt air into my lungs and drinking coffee by the truck load because i like it.


No judgement or criticism about any of my thoughts or feelings.


Self Kindness may include a trip to the grocery store to get frozen pizza, milk for my cookies and chocolate and leaving the vegetables behind.


Sometimes, well most times, it is very difficult to be kind to myself; with no judgements, expectations or negativity; to treat me the way I treat others…yep sometimes it is a challenge.


Today I am choosing to accept the challenge and let go of all guilt, shame and criticism and just enjoy me; and all that  that means.


As always if you want to see full version of the photo please click on it.

Love & Grace.

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