I have been looking inward as of late.

I am constantly amazed at the capacity of my brain to function; almost as if it is separated from any conscious thought or my body for that matter.

I have lived a half a century…mmmmm….that causes me to pause because I have never called it that before…I never imagined or envisioned living past 30.

So now; here I am at a half a century…and for the first time in that time period I feel at peace….like I mean there is no chasing down people; no forcing myself or my thoughts or my way of living onto people…i am me…

and today that means I have a quiet spirit. i am introspective/introverted…which has nothing to do with the volume i can sometimes have when passionate but everything to do with needing my down time away from everyone, in my quiet little home by the sea…

i am deeply learning how to accept that i am those things; no longer forcing myself to be anything but a quiet, introspective kind of person…

time is beautiful and can be ugly all rolled into one…come to think of it…most if not all of life is like that as well…it feels nice to be settling into my true nature…first i had to figure out who that was (oh and I by no means have arrived at knowing my depths) and now as I continue to learn my depths, i am settling more and more into the beauty that is me…

what a blessing to be able, from where i can from, to be still and listen to the inner knowing (which I choose to call God) of who I am…


Love & Grace.

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