Saturday Morning Joy

This joy that I speak of this morning is a quiet joy that has enveloped my heart.

It is a gorgeously rainy/stormy day in my part of the world today. There is just something about the ocean when it is rainy and windy out that stirs my soul and brings peace and makes me feel like ‘I’m home’.

I just got off a google+ hangout with a friend of mine and my heart is full with femaleship and gratitude that our lives have crossed; her on the East Coast, me on the West…literally worlds apart AND YET…brought together on a rainy morning by the advancement of technology…

She jut got back home from a 3,000 mile trip across the US of A with her younger brother…did I mention it was all done by car AND….they did it in six days…what a glorious bunch of memories…even the less than memorable ones will be somehow gently erased from memory (you know the way God does)…and what will always be talked about is the laughter…and the food 😉

I took this picture just now sitting at my kitchen table; the desired affect was to see the rain pouring down outside my window; don’t know if you can…but I wanted to leave a little bit of my world here with you all.

Thanks for being here. May peace fill the crevices of your heart this day.

Time to get my knit on.

Love & Grace.


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