What It’s Come Down To?

I saw this just a minute ago and it gongs with my soul.

I have lost friends behind this very thing; this blog is like my diary; my letter to God if you will. I am completely grateful those who have come along are along. THAT however, is not what sustains me; what helps me breathe a little deeper each day.

I took some photos yesterday and the thought was i just want to hang onto them for a minute. Sometimes I feel such a push to ‘get it out there’ and I am not sure why or what or who is doing the pushing but i do..

i am an introvert by nature; my life sustaining energy happens in solitude; no tv, no computer or phone or iPod or nothing like that just being…breathing…and recognizing that THAT is what matters…

Having said all that..this is what I found..and it is brilliant…


I have this song going through my head…it usually does on Sunday mornings when I want the world to go by slowly and time to stand still in the quiet bliss of the day…

Love & Grace.

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