Loving God from The Inside Out…

Do you ever feel like Your Creator sends you a succession of the same events and the same people to get you to see something?

Well the message ‘how am I LIVING my daily life not what I am saying or typing or social media-ing to death’ is being repeated over and over and over again…NOT in any sort of judgmental way but in a ‘stop me in my tracks MUST take a look at this’ kinda way…

I am pretty much house bound with this unbelievable pain inside my guts so I don’t come across many people in my day; granted to computer ‘seeings’ are a plenty so the message is just kind of interesting…I do believe this simple truth: When God Wants Me To See Something, not my friends, family or people but when God wants me to see something He stops at nothing to make it abundantly clear to me!!

I am grateful for every drip of pain my past haas brought my way. Absolutely. Because it has lead me to an understanding that God hates show…if I am ‘acting’ in a manner as to ‘help my fellow being’ and my relationships with the ones I love the most, and myself, are crap…helping my fellow human being only boosts my ego…and i don’t need my ego manipulated AT ALL…it has become crystal clear to me that so many people interpret a relationship with Jesus as somehow what we show other people is the most important thing…

I think that has been a journey of trusting God and man we all know what kind of journey that is…but I mean REALLY TRUSTING that The One has everybody’s back too…that I don’t need to spread myself so thin under the guise of ‘service for God’ that my relationships, the ones I deem are important to me; somehow suffer because of it.

Living far out ways any real or imagined scorecard I have somehow etched on my ego…and as long as I can remember that…THAT is when God uses me in an unmistakable, unforced way…ONLY THEN!!


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