Hey Big Guy…

So I’ve been doing some thinking…I know right biggggg surprise there!

So this is the meat between the bread day; so I’m wondering to myself like you were fully human when they tortured you like they did; So was it like you were in a waiting room, twiddling your fingers waiting for God to say yo kid it’s time? Did you have a ridiculous ear worm in your head that you just couldn’t stop singing? What exactly were you doing the Saturday between the day you got so beaten beyond recognition, and the day you rose up, taking your rightful place next to The Big Guy?

What did it feel like to have your skin repair itself I mean you got beat soooo very badly; they say no one could even recognize you…except, I’m assuming Your Father, who was waiting on you with joyful anticipation I would imagine!

I wonder ALL of these things and more! And I can’t wait for the answers! I cannot explain how grateful I am for the 3 days that changed the world and what I’m most grateful for is the 41 years it took me to meet you face to face; not through anyone else’s filter; simply face to face; me having remembered something I locked away in the farthest corner of my brain, and you waiting(again) to meet me there; to let me know for the first time in my life that I was not alone AND how truly loved I was; not by any earthly being, all they had done was hurt me since I was 3, but by the God of the whole fucking Universe…me!!The hours and days ahead would be some of the most difficult pain I have EVER walked through and you continued in your gentle, matter-of-fact way to somehow always let me know I am not alone and that I am deeply, richly and madly loved!!!

So this is what I celebrate this weekend; yes the resurrection of you because without that the resurrection of me would have never ever happened.

Thanks Big Guy; it’s all I have and you know my heart!

Love & Grace.

Photo Credit: Gwillin Lakes by Steffan Saunder

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