Nausea Day Part II.

So one of the skills I learned in DBT is called ‘Opposite to Emotion’ action and it is pretty much exactly what it says.

The way I understand this skill is it is not about suppressing the emotion; it is abut using the emotion to take a different action. It is said that the idea behind this technique is that it can help to deal with distressing emotions by setting into motion an action that is helpful, not harmful.

And I KNOW all people who suffer with BPD can relate to what I am about to say…it is far easier stepping aside the rabbit hole than getting yourself out of said rabbit hole once you have fallen in.

So for example it was a choice for me this morning to grab my jacket and keys (with full blown nausea in full swing) and go to the store to get myself some groceries. No matter what I chose food wise, I got up and moved; didn’t let the swirling vortex mentioned in previous post take ahold of me anymore than it already had….now if I hadn’t acted upon it when I did…I would be in my recliner, hating myself and my best friend and wanting it all to go away (still do but not in a final way)…

Again if you don’t have BPD you might not get this post but I KNOW at least one person will read this and go ‘hey I do that, yay me!’ And that is what it’s all about.

Thanks for reading along; sometimes I am ‘happy’ sometimes ‘down’ but one thing is guaranteed, complete honesty no matter what the emotion!

Please ask for permission to use this photo, it’s one of my own. Thanks!

Love & Grace.

Ahhhh PEACE!! Taken July 19, 2013.

5 thoughts on “Nausea Day Part II.

  1. I hope you feel better and so so grateful you were able to get out! I know how illness can hold us back and that causes everything else to feel off. I suffer with nausea as well associated with different conditions and aside from daily pain, it’s the worst!! Here’s wishing you an amazing weekend!!


  2. I did that the other day when my aunt asked me to go shopping with her. I was feeling so down and emotional, I wanted to say no, and just stay in my recliner. I went anyway, and actually had a pretty good time and my mind was A LOT clearer when we got back home. It does work, though I am still learning how to do this.


    1. Oh hey Devin thanks for stopping by! Trust me when I say by no means is it easy to do this OR always my first choice! Progress not perfection right?!? It’s truly a huge deal!!


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