Here Comes The Rain…Finally :D

It is finally raining here in my neck of the woods…they have been promising it for days and days and today…it has arrived. I LOVE being able to hear rain on my window and wind in my shutters; there is just something deeply spiritual about it that soothes my soul.

I am having a bit of a day with a wee bit of anxiety about meeting the anesthesiologist next Monday in preparation for my surgery on the 28th…I don’t like meeting new people, particularly ones that are going to have any thing to do with a surgery of mine…

I am also working real hard at staying in the moment (one of the reasons I love rain so much!) I spent 3 minutes on the work out bicycle today and it whizzed by…no pain in knees, no pain anywhere….I am working at staying at 3 minutes for about a week; going from completely sedentary to 3 minutes on a eucalyptus bike is a huge leap and what I have done in the past is advanced before my body is ready and then I give up all together because it’s ‘too hard’…so even if 3 minutes is easy I want to stay there for about a week…then i will try 5…

I am grateful for the gumption to get up and move today.

Hope you all are having the kind of Monday that is memorable.

Love & Grace.


2 thoughts on “Here Comes The Rain…Finally :D

  1. I love rain as well. It’s kind of a cleansing.. just eases all troubles. I’m glad you to found joy in it!! I’m sorry that you even need a surgery but praying it goes smoothly with a quick recovery!


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