Brioche Stitch…

So I have become a lover of the brioche stitch. There are just so many varieties that I can’t help myself. It works up as the most squishyest, warmest, wonderful piece of fabric I have ever done.

Even though Spring has arrived, in my opinion one can never have too many scarves and I thought the Waffle Stitch Brioche Stitch scarf was a wonderful birthday present for my sister who’s birthday is Saturday, April 18th.

I found this great sight called The Weekly Stitch where this lady has down oodles and oodles of different stitches, most with a You Tube video for us audio AND visual learners. She has taken a break from the videos to take care of her family but she has left this incredible site available to anyone and everyone.

If you like the Waffle Brioche Stitch you can find the stitch here:

And if you want to teach yourself  a new stitch, or maybe brush up on old familiar stitches, I highly recommend checking out this site either way.

This is my sister’s scarf, shhhhhh. Please don’t tell her ;

I love the Brioche Stitch.

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