New Creativity In My Hood…..

So I have this particular dark orange, not to be confused with brown, color and I have been combing through all the expensive sites with expensive yarn; which when i say expensive I MEAN expensive…and I cannot find THE color anywhere..if you do anything with yarn you know what I mean when I say THE color so….

I found this

 and her name is Lindsay…and I became sooo excited. I can buy one pound of acrylic white yarn and not feel like I have busted the bank so….

That is what I did.



+ THIS….(which is a very small container dumped into another tightly lidded container) which is any color of acrylic paint you desire


So you have a plastic bucket that you dunk whatever size bunch of yarn (at this point I would suggest watching above video because I am paraphrasing it a lot) in and get it good and soaked; dry out buck and apply pain. The first thing you want to do is give yourself a way to move around the yarn by tying 2 strings to end of yarn like this:


So the strings around the posts are what I am referring to; set those in place before you ever get yarn wet. Again if you are wanting to do this I recommend watching above video completely.

So the hardest part of this process is letting it hang like above, for two whole days; hard to do when you are impatient however a truly great exercise to acquire patience for sure. The wonderful thing about this is all the stuff I needed can be purchased at a Joann’s or Michaels. We went to the Dollar Store to get bucket and small containers so truly this whole project was not more than #25.00 and I have a plethora of color choices and 812 yards of acrylic yarn to experiment with.

The secret…BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF. the first bit I did came out somewhat crunchy which means I used too much paint; there is no way it was going to be perfect the first time out so I am excited to experiment and am looking at this as a life long journey into creative coloring so it is important to remember it is fun, and exciting; NO BEATING YOURSELF UP CUZ IT IS DONE ‘WRONG’ 😀

This is the final product that was just put in a ball of yarn…



So there ya go. So excited and the natural variegation that happens because I left it alone to dry..exquisite….coming up with my own color spectrum and I DIG IT!!

Love & Grace.

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