Saturday Scribbles

In the interest of having surgery in three days, I woke up feeling very naseauted  and did two loads of laundry anyway.

I also managed to do this… oh good lord forgive the blurriness…iphones are great for a number of things but sometimes blurry pictures come out when photographer is bent over in such a way that she can’t see the blurry… 🙂


And this one too…yes upon recognition of where this one is at I have moved in from directly in front of the heater cuz it blows out a lot of hot air and i don’t need my apartment burnt up just before I get my owie fixed….


So I have this square frame with pegs in it (for when I am threading to do some weaving) and my uber kewl sister suggested I use it to wrap yarn around for the dyeing purposes so…

Got the two loads of laundry done and that is exactly what I did with the wooden frame that has pegs sticking out of it. So now, when I get back from surgery I will have two colors to ball up instead of just one or none.

I am oddly (to me) so much enjoying this process…taking something and making it brand new…which is precisely what My Creator did with me…and the process…I can make any color I want…I wanted more teal cuz I really love it (shhhhh) and the other is to scrunchy to use so I made some more.

I am going to quietly spend my Saturday in my coastal home, knitting, and trying not to think about being nauseated (for some reason I think that makes it worse)!

Whatever ya’ll are adventuring to do today may your day hold it in lots of love, grace, mercy and peace.

Eshat Chayil ~ Woman of Valor.

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