The last couple of days I have felt very similar to where I was last Thursday…i am in a lot of pain; which, thankfully my sister reminds me, is perfect since I had a part of me taken out 9 days ago…

I have been crying a lot the last couple of days; not only because of the pain but that is always a part of my healing process i suppose.

I am knitting; which seems to be my saving grace at this point; i am working on my first batch of variegated and chunky yarn and I am loving it. It seems to be something to keep my hands busy so my mind doesn’t wander off from the present.

I am not sure why we in Western Medicine (as a whole) do not teach each other about the importance of healing and solitude and just ‘being;…I have learned what I have from the Eastern way of life…it just always makes me wonder…I came from a very strong female who never showed us she was sick growing up and now she has 3 issues with her body that are chronic and painful and i can’t help but wonder…if I don’t allow myself time to heal and I only setting myself up to have my body turn against meds I get older…

i struggle a lot with the healing process and the tape that needs silenced the most is the word ‘lazy’…why am i not up and around already? I had laparascopy surgery which implies very strongly that you will be ‘back to your old self’ in no time…I mean it was a day surgery…my body still hasn’t recovered…when I lay down on my side it feels like razors are shredding my insides…thankfully last night my sister said ‘you know, it takes the body way longer to heal than the incisions’…and i forget that I forget that..

So today is day two of feet up, watching Giada & Ina Garten on Food Network and knitting; choosing not to buy into the crazyness that is my head.

I hope you all are well.

I found this photo on my Pinterest page the other day…this color is the very essence of life to me.

Love & Blessings.


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