Hey Ya’ll

This last three weeks has been painful, crazy, great and everything all at the same time.

I got my gall bladder out three weeks ago tomorrow and the pain from surgery is pretty much gone except when I lay down. Which is not at all helping…

Redefining solitude and what that looks like and feels like is another thing I have been exploring over the last few weeks and I have been going deeper; in my thoughts, in my feelings, and in my life since this surgery; not sure what if anything the two have to do with each other other than it is simply a marker…and who knows, maybe they do have more in common than I realize.

I feel like the evolution of me has been incredibly intense these weeks; deep like really grasping what it is that makes me ME and accepting it as well; turning away all the thoughts that no longer work or that are not mine…and hearing my own voice about the simple decisions of my life.

I am not saying what it going through my head probably because there is just so much; but I just wanted to check in and write down that I am healing; and I am wanting to grow herbs and become the old lady that lives at the end of the lane that people wave at as they drive by.

Contentment is a wonderfully odd, unfamiliar thing but it is completely sweet and sublime.

This photo is familiar somehow…growing up on the ocean and in the woods…it is one of my reconnecting places.

I’m not sure where my path goes; or this one! I only know it is good that I am on it.

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