This is from one of the greatest blogs I read almost daily. I love it. Here is to an open mind and an open heart; with these things you can find love anywhere.

“Fear is paralyzing, but hope liberates. Hope resides in the human spirit, in our ability to feel, to pay attention, to comprehend and, from there, to act. Hope resides within the fabric of our relationships, and fuels curiosity and inquiry. Hope is an act of creation, an act of connection, an act of determination to imagine new ways of seeing and being in the world.” ~Diana Chapman Walsh

My thought: fear lives in the past; hope is present. No fear exists when I am in the present, in hope. Sometimes I step out on hope not knowing what exists but even then, I am very much in the present. I no longer want to be captured by fear; by the past. I choose, this day to reside in freedom; in the present…in hope.

The blog I am talking about, which also includes a podcast if you’re into that kinda thing, is http://www.onbeing.org. I love it. Check it out if you would like. Deep. Simple. Truths. that have set me free from the box.

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend. Travel safely and smartly if that is what is in your plan.

Love & Blessings.


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