Thursday Tidbits..

As I prepare my crafty table outside on my block of patio this morning, this came to me in my email. I, personally, cannot be reminded of this enough. In a world that shuns me; friends that leave(or I push them away) because they don’t understand my processing; sometimes this is hard to tell myself so it is nice to get what is called a ‘Buddha Doodle’ in my email.

I am moving my life to the patio today. Not because it is going to be so warm out, lets face it, that is one of the glorious things about living in an Oregon Coastal Community…it hardly ever gets past 75 here; but because my soul is wanting to reconnect with all my creature friends that have come around since we have had so much sunshine.

I find peace in my soul when I can smell the ocean air and feel the coastal breeze and it is time to move out and listen to all the new noises of summer.

I hope this finds you well.

Love & Blessings!

PS…you can receive your own Buddha Doodle here…


2 thoughts on “Thursday Tidbits..

  1. I love taking my knitting or spinning outside! I don’t live anywhere near any coast, but I do live in an area with a lot of farms. It makes me happy to watch the progression of the farm equipment throughout the growing season.


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