Good Morning Friends!

This was the first weekend of the month so it was ‘Sister Time’ Sunday and yesterday. And man….we both got up at 4:30am yesterday and the conversation flowed; it was deep, real, vulnerable and beautifully necessary and something that will absolutely NEVER happen on the internet!!

We are sisters by choice, not blood; and we talk. We work things out; we never stay angry or there is never a point in our relationship that where there is a question, it isn’t worked out. I trust her unlike I have ever trusted anyone before; not with just the ‘things’ of this life…also and way more important, with my realness; with my huge emotions…with the vulnerable parts of me that I have learned don’t belong with people who don’t treat it as sacred. She has continued to show up for me on all levels and THAT is where trust is built. Being a person that says what they mean and does what they say over and over and over again is how I gain trust in someone.

And because of my wounded past it takes me a long while to see that consistency displayed to me. And I am so very grateful that she loves me; never gives up on me; is always kind and patient…ya know the exact same things the Bible says love is…she displays to me…and we have fun together as well.

I just had a great couple of days..I have moved my life out of my bedroom and into my living room..yep that’s right…I movedtv and chair into my bedroom because I had never been comfortable in a bedroom, since I was a little girl and I decided for myself that when I moved into my dream home that I very much was going to be comfortable in my bedroom so I put a huge recliner/rocker chair in it; moved my tv in it and have lived in my bedroom for 9 months…and I started not sleeping well which led me to believe that it was time to live in my living room and sleep in my bedroom so this weekend I made the big move…

I am waiting on a mural for one of the walls in my living room (those are such an ingenious idea…and socially acceptable in an apartment dwelling because they can be taken off and move with you when/if you go) and my couch is in the perfectly perfect place and my big chair is out here and my living room is becoming ‘home’. It takes a minute for me to get use to space…to actually be living in my home instead of doing so much outside of it that my home is only where I sleep…that is not occurring anymore…to really be making my apartment my home; it is all new for me and very, very exciting…a lot like the settling into my own soul is coming home as well…

So I am feeling more at home in my body and in my apartment by the day…and it is so comfortable(understatement) to know the peace that lives just behind my navel; to know that everything I think truly doesn’t need to come out of my mouth and to soak up the evolution of me…all creates that peace that passes any words…it is indescribably lovely and becoming very comfortable.

Thanks Creator!

Love & Blessings.

2 thoughts on “Good Morning Friends!

  1. Good morning, Beautiful! Isn’t it wonderful to finally have people that accept you for who you truly are, not what they want you to be? I have a very very few of those “real” people in my life. I count them among my greatest blessings! Have a great day!!

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