How Do I Know…

Do I know I am loved by the Creator of the Universe when no words are exchanged?

No scripture references that have red words in the sentences?

If so, how do I intimately know, personally, deeply and honestly this gynormous god that holds the power of the universe in his hand?

I know my Creator by the way he is manifested in others.

I know my Creator by the rise of the sun every morning and the setting of the sun every evening.

I know by the changing of seasons; from cold and dark to light and springing forth new life; to heat and the warmth of the sun to the fall of the leaves and seeing all the trees barren for a season.

I often ask myself “what if no words were ever exchanged again about the Love of God, would I know it?”

Love is not a feeling or a word or a paragraph; I do believe that is why I love taking photos…because I can see the action of My Creator in one simple caption…love is an action word and where there are words….there are not necessarily actions.

When I am silent these days I feel God. God lives in my peace. God lives in my contentment. God lives in me, in the shadows of my silence…

THAT is when I know. In the silence when no words are necessary; when action oozes out from that God place in my being; the greatest action is often found in my silence.

THAT is when I know I am loved by the Creator of the entire Universe.

law 06/10/15 @ 9:15am


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