No ‘yea butt’ here…

Let me qualify my thoughts today by saying I do not have a clue the suffering that goes on behind someone killing a family member. I cannot, nor will I attempt to even speak to that.

I want my heart filled with love for the victims AND the accused, 21 year-old young man. If I say I love…I am also talking about those that harm others because you see I use to harm others.

I wish I could let Dylann Roof know there is someone out here who loves him. I have no other motive, agenda or hurt to get in the way. I am not condoning the suspected actions of this young man I am simply standing beside him in my spirit sending him all the Love I have in my heart for him.

May the families eventually find peace amidst their tragedy and may Dylann know he is loved.


3 thoughts on “No ‘yea butt’ here…

  1. I agree, for No one creates pain without coming from a place of pain. Love to all, And to all to heal, and be comforted by their ‘lost’ loved ones, for we are never truly seperated in death. asking for a solution to the racial divide in America. And all over the world


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