So I am sitting here in my home, at the dining room table, which looks like the Creative Faiery dumped a bucket load of goodness on, I just got done with 2nd string art project and I am in the middle, listen to the pause…

And it dawns on me how full I feel. I have believed in the marrow of my bones for a very long time that being creative is the closest thing I can get the My Creator…and it is as close as my breathe this morning.

I feel connected. I feel At-One-ment; my heart brimming over with gratitude….gratitude because I no longer have the shaming voices or the ‘oh no you can’t’ voices in my head when I want to be creative…and that is an amazing thing. It is a gift to be sure. I have opened it and am sitting smack dab int he middle of The Present..

Deep breathe and time to get my first cup of coffee..

All is well with my soul.

Love & Blessings.



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