Friday June 26, 2015

My heart is filled with so much gratitude it’s spilling out my eyes!

Folks can now quite using God as a ‘weapon’ as far as marriage equality!!

On this day let it be noted; June 26, 2015 The Supreme Court of The United States by a margin of 5-4 voted and so decreed that it is now a RIGHT for gays and lesbians to be married!

There are so many people I remember over my years, that have died that I bet are putting on their best party hats and dancing on the ceiling as it were! All the folks that advocated and fought so loud for equality in marriage all the unnamed passionate voices that answered calls or licked stamps…today this day will go down in the books for all of you!! I tip my hat and put on my party for each and every one of you!! YAWHOOOOOO!!!

I bet Jesus is laughing his ass off and wearing his party hat exclaiming “Damn, there may be hope for them there humans yet!!


May our PRIDE flags fly free this weekend folks!

2 thoughts on “Friday June 26, 2015

  1. Thank you… I couldn’t have said it better. I myself have found myself judged, slandered or otherwise just given the “last straw cause I am done” reason to end and limit contact with certain people. After all, no matter our disability, our ability, our color, our spirituality or even our sexuality identification… once we strip away those labels… we are all the same inside…. although humans can’t seem to see that, but our pets… definately see past that… Kudos!

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