So I watched the movie ‘Clean and Sober’ several times in 1988 for a couple of reasons…a). Michael Keaton and b). I had 2 years clean and sober when the movie came out so I was raging and just not who I am today (to put it mildly) and there was a line in that movie…so…

Daryl Poynter (Michael Keaton) was hunting down a secondary addiction while in treatment, like most, if not all of us do…and Craig (played brilliantly by Morgan Freeman) was the counselor in said treatment center. So one of the many things…after 27 years (of my sobriety and the movie being done) that I remember most of all is Poynter asking about when he can start having a relationship once he left treatment (this may not be remembered precisely as it was in movie but it is the way my brain remembered) and Craig responded “When you leave here, get a plant. If that plant lives; then you can get into a relationship” because the plant living symbolized that you care for something other than yourself…

So this day (flashing wayyyyy forward and almost 27 years later) I have my very first plant. It started out as a baby and now today I moved it to its first big container…it has stuff budding on the end of the leaves and it is thriving!!!

No big deal for most people but let me tell you something..I have had cactus’ that have died…so the symbolism of this plant living…I got this plant as a going away gift for when I moved here…it shows me that I am thriving here; and able, for the very first time in my life to grow something; to be selfless enough to take care of something outside of me…this is huge people…okay maybe it is huge just to me but the significance of it…me and this plant both love my life today; being on the coast and knowing peace and caring about something (maybe for the very first time) with my whole heart that isn’t me or mine…HUGE!!

So here is the plant…thriving…and so far diggin’ its bigger digs 🙂


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