Ahhh Grace!

President Obama listed all these people in a speech he was making saying “so and so found grace’..as he kept going through his list a quiet voice came from my belly and I said outloud, “I didn’t find grace, grace found me.”
the truth of that has to sit still in me for a day or two.
I wasn’t even looking; was rebelliously looking the other way as a matter of fact…and grace found me.
Grace is nothing, has not one bit of me in it and ALL God…it is not from anything i do that grace came into my soul…not one dang thing…
i didn’t find nothing except despair, hatred, rage, blame…those, left up to me, those are what ‘I find’…
Grace FOUND ME…when i wasn’t even lookin’….Grace finds everyone. Period. End of story.
God be like that though….when i least expected it…when there was no other option but to hold a gun to my head…grace a/k/a God came in like the gentle breeze of Spring…
Grace found me. Period. End of story.
Ahhhh but truly the beginning of my story…
Ahhhh Grace!

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