feel free to grab a chair and your favorite beverage…if you are reading this you might be here a while…

so i have been wondering all morning what that is…ya know I am sure you have your own version of it….that nagging, out-of-place voice or vibe/feeling that tells you there is ‘something to be done’ and yet you know not what it may be.

today that ‘thing’ is disturbing my peace; partially probably, because i don’t know what it is…i think today, in my world, there has been somebody outside of me making racket since i woke up…Spirit isn’t use to that anymore, nor does Spirit like it one bit..I am the type of person, if I don’t start my day off with complete silence, well maybe an indian flute fluttering by, by silence I mean no pressure from the outside world causing a disturbance in My Force letting me know I must do something…then the whole day is somehow ‘off’…and a little off today, is wayyyy off.

so that is it…my physical being is being inundated with noise everywhere…there is or has been no silence today…it is so nosy the birds are literally not even chirping…that is too noisy for me..I have nothing to do today and yet my body is in such a state of agitation that it feels like it ‘must’ do something…

for the most part..being aware of my body and my emotions is truly a groovy thing…then there are days when it is in a state of unrest that no amount of ‘knowing’ can soothe or bring peace…that is not fun and must be what a parent feels like when they cannot soothe their own child…

the smell of sweet grass is wafting through my back door (they are mowing around here) and that scent brings up a time when their were beautiful people in my life that are not any longer alive; a time when i was learning how and what spirituality meant to me and then i gave up the pursuit to “find Jesus” and now I am really secure in the knowing that Jesus doesn’t need to be ‘found’ cuz he is everywhere; no matter what i am doing…and so I am back to learning about my connections to The Earth and the things that make my soul sing…and what a blessed journey it is.



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