So i woke up before the sun today and laid on my bed under my big pluffy white down comforter and was just silent.

I got up out of bed, got shoes on, and walked to the store to get money orders to pay my rent and my sister and i got back all before 8am…I truly am the kind of person who likes to get all the ‘busy’ stuff outside my home, even inside to some days, done so i can enjoy the rest of my day.

i am sitting in my chair with my laptop and i visited Ravelry and left a note of encouragement, and honestly, I struggled with it, think that I was butting into a post that didn’t need my two cents worth…i went back and this lovely lady posted this: “I just wanted to thank you for your uplifting posts, every post you write leaves me smiling!”

i have no words for that. it moved me deeply. seems like when i struggle with being encouraging i get responses like this that just blow me away…not from my ego place but from the center of my heart..i love encouraging others…i truly do…it is so easy to get or give discouragement and it seems like that is the whole purpose of ‘going deep’ and figuring out who I am…so i can help or encourage others to continue on with whatever they are doing…

i am been letting the truth of who i am assimilate into my being…i had my sister here this weekend and it is always a deep glorious time with lots of laughs and good food…

today i seem to cry when i see/hear someone laugh from their bellies….who get the simplicity of laughter…it brings me to tears…

i am so grateful for days like today when i feel centered and grateful just for being who i am…and pain my bills…that always brings deep awareness in my soul of my gratitude.

May you receive all that your soul needs to laugh from your belly today.


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