The Beauty Of Fall…

I have been really sick with a sinus infection for a week and a half now and it feels like in that, my whole spiritual being has slowed down somehow and is really burrowing inward preparing for the celebration of balance…equal light, equal dark…also knowns as Mabon; Fall Equinox.

It has always been a sacred time for me, I always thought it was because I was born in the month of September, but also because I can now feel my inner self preparing, going inward, to the depths of me and getting ready to burrow in for the winter; a time of reflection, gratitude, and harmony.

I am grateful every time fall comes around and this year is no different. I LOVE seeing changes in Mother Earth, because in some wild and wacky way, it seems to make all of the changes (outward and inward) of me makes sense.

It feels beyond wonderful to put on this old, familiar coat that has been hanging on the hanger of my life, waiting for my return. I desire to start rituals; things that keep me connected to all that is; and finding out what those will be requires quieting the mind so the spirit can lead.

I am blessed and very thankful to be in my own shoes today. May we all know the peace that comes with the long days of summer turning into the balanced days of fall.



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