Friday Fun~To~See

So I am sitting in my recliner and i look up, and through the cracks of my blinds on my door I notice (I believe I was nudged internally) out my window the sky is this very odd color…now mind you the sun has just risen and it wasn’t until I got outside that I see the odd color was the sun trying to break through the clouds so it was oddly yellowish/orange and it was way bright out…like someone was shining a headlight at ya through the clouds.

So I  stepped outside, and yes, I am still in my jammies, and I hear a neighbor yelling ‘and it’s raining too’…so I stuck my hand out and by golly…it is frickin raining. YAWHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! We finally, finally FINALLY get rain…and on my birthday too…now I KNOW someone heard me last night and is lookin out for me 😉

So after I sing happy birthday in the rain to myself I turn to my right and there is this glorious rainbow from one end of the sky to another…and it is in the West…the direction of the ocean and I am speechless…

So for my birthday from the Creator of the Universe my gifts today are rain and a rainbow…WOWZERS..

WOWZERS!!!! It is 7:27am Friday, September 25, 2015 and I just heard thunder…ahhhh what a GREAT birthday this is going to be 😀

Rainbow over my house 710am 92515

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