Good Morning Friends!

Friday night was another unplanned all nighter and man…it takes me so long to catch up anymore…and it always makes me reflect on the days gone by when i had at least two all nighters in a week..without any kind of chemical help…and how it didn’t ever seem to reek havoc on my body and mind like it does now..

Weather said it was suppose to rain all weekend…we haven’t gotten has been sunshiny(mostly) and beautiful and as some of you know, I am really affected by the no rain state of the area…it seems to make me uber depressed..the sunshine is beautiful and with it, for me and for most I know, it tends to bring with it a sort of speed up mentality; I was raised in a rain state, where it spend literally 10 months of every year raining..and to not have any rain (except last Saturday) for 6 months…it alters my state of well being…try as I might to not have that happen…Friday, inland got rain…we didn’t get any rain and I live on the coast…I was really looking forward to all sorts of coast storms when i moved here…hopefully one day that will all return…

I am nost sure the point of this blog other than just to spew out the things that have been going on with me since my latest entry…the white chair is fitting nicely in my living room; the big needles are still working nicely, even though I haven’t picked them up for a minute because I actually learned how to use what is called ‘the magic loop’ and am working on a three-sided triangle shawl, blanket, whatever it is going to be when it grows up lol…

I am grateful to be in my own skin and thankful for the start of another week…no matter how sluggish I feel I do believe it is going to be a gorgeous day; one where peace fills my mind and love fills my heart.

Have a beautiful day friends. We will meet again…soon!!



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