Sun Day

I went to bed at 3:30am this morning; was watching a really good movie and found myself in the knitting zone…

Got woke up, as normal since new neighbors moved in, by a two year old pounding on the floor as he usually does every morning…way earlier than I had hoped..

Neighbor kids are already outside my bedroom window screaming at each other…

It is hard for me in mornings, days like this…when the outside noise, the noise that i cannot control is sooo loud it feels like there is a raging monkey inside that is going to implode if it all doesn’t stop immediately…

And yet I have no control…I can only try somehow to quiet the internal noise in the hopes that once done that, the external will automatically silence itself down to a whisper…as so often it does.

So I go poem hunting and this is a very popular poem because of what it says, because of the eternal rhythm it invokes and because of the picture it creates…and for just one moment in time my soul is silenced and there is peace…

“…I only have to let the soft animal of my body love what it loves….then I will find my place in the family of things”…




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