Well Hello 2016!

I received a notification from WordPress letting me know that one year ago today I started this blog…and my what a year it has been.

I am grateful. I spent most of this year getting comfortable with being quiet; in August I publicly came out for the first time on this blog and everything that happened throughout the year. It has been a very reflective, peaceful coming into my own quiet soul kind of year.

And I am looking forward to every single new day that 2016 hold. Again thank you WordPress; you have helped me process the most intense, intimate stuff about myself. I don’t come here with a message for anybody (though I am thoroughly blessed if you experience an ‘ah~ha’ moment from something I write), I just come here most of the time, needing a place to spill out all my thoughts/feelings so I can then decipher what needs to be kept and what doesn’t.

365 days ya’ll! Thank you all for the visits, the comments, the shares and just being a part of my life…



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