Springing Forth No Resistance.

Things and people seem to be dropping off in bucketloads as I continue the steadfast journey inward. There is not any pressure, no guilt or regret…just a true contentment of my soul as these things are leaving my life..who I once was, and who no longer fit into who I am morphing into…

I really like the saying that goes something like ‘if you can’t walk with me in the dark, you have no business knowing or sharing my light’ something to that effect but you get the gist…I am tired of giving people and things me when I am balanced when they disappear during the trial, the darkness if you will.

And today some of those things dropped off and I am writing about it because of the simplicity of it…how when the time is here, how easy things go away that no longer suit you. There is no fight in hanging on there is just following that knowing in my soul that it is time to let go and spring forth.

This is all new to me…not having to make a big deal out of the direction I’m going just trusting that God knows where I am at all times and the freedom in that is glorious!! I am preparing to go home for a couple of days; my mom is having an 80th birthday bash on Saturday and I am going..full on present in the moment going to be there and I am, right now, excited about it. Excited about seeing my nieces and family I haven’t seen for awhile I am excited. Joy and anticipation mixed and I can’t wait.

In the meantime, I get to do things like laundry, ya know, for some reason the maid didn’t get the memo 🙂

Thanks for coming along on this journey with me.