Friday’s Fun-To-Seas

My sister & I have this thing…when we are here, at my home, she will suggest going to the ocean (I live a mile from it) when the stress and anxiety levels are high. She knows that is my place of power and peace and she acknowledges that when I can’t put the words together.

This last weekend was gynormous; seeing family I haven’t seen in years, being a part of the noise and love and loudness…it was gynormous; and on the way home my sister asked me politely “do you want to go straight home or stop at the ocean first?” I always, well most of the time, choose the ocean even if my insides aren’t filleted.

This is the result of stopping and recharging (started to) and getting my feet planted (started too) on solid ground.

May you find that place that grounds you no matter how chaotic and upset the world as you know it might be; that place where you know that you know that you know the mosters cannot get you. That is my desire for every soul inhabiting this planet.

Have an amazing weekend come what may!


PS…Yes I made the cardigan and yes it is deliciously warm šŸ˜€