Meandering Mind

Good Morning! This morning feels kind of unsettled, there is a bit of anxiety going on I have an appointment later today that is a first for me and that always creates anxiety but I am trying to keep a cap on the ‘unknown’ stuff so the anxiety is minimal, at least it seems to be right now anyway.

It is a gorgeous sunny, windy day here the beautiful Oregon Coastal Community I live in. My best friend, my sister, is not feeling well and has not been feeling well for a few days and that always leaves me powerless. I don’t like that; her not feeling well. I mean I know it’s going to happen, but sometimes I just wish it didn’t happen so much.

She is my hero. Plain and simple. The way she has handled the life she has been given…amazing to say the least. I think this morning I’m upset about her not getting sleep and not feeling well. It is hard to see someone you love go through such pain.

I think I have finally settled back into my body and recovered from my moms birthday last week. I know most people don’t get it, or me for that matter, but it is completely draining and really hard to be an extrovert when my preferred status in an introvert…i get my energy from aloneness and solitude, not 45 people shoved into a room all talking what seems like rather loudly. I feel like I am finally back in my own skin and I am grateful for that.

Not much else going on…one reason i don’t like anxiety much is because it is a barrier to everything else I’m feeling and thinking..and that’s hard for me. So I think I’m going to sit here and breathe and make a cup of coffee and just knit until I don’t know when.

May this day find you with the courage and persistence to do the hard thing!



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