Good Morning Friends

Another week has approached, and my it seems so quick. I woke up in lots of pain this morning; not really pain but my  muscles are aching and prickly on the right side of my body…not sure what its about but I am slowly or rather, it is slowly being worked out.

I am grateful for my breathe this morning. I am grateful for the gift of sight. It is a good day to listen…the grass outside my back door is my favorite color of green…you know the one; where it is sooo green that you feel like you are consuming the very life of life when you look at it.

It is a somewhat sunny day (right now) here and I am listening to Dan Gibson, he is a musician who uses no words but almost everything else. He uses nature in his music to soothe whatever might ail one and it is just most peaceful and tranquil.

I have nothing to do today, no worries on my mind about this day so as I set out from here at 9:00am I am going to do my very best to soak up all the life that is here for me, this day. May you enjoy the unfolding of this day as well.

Much Love.



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