Easter…New Life…

I just came in from taking some photos, my Canon has been whispering to me ‘Use me. Use me’ so this morning I found my X10 macro filter and went out and took some photos.

I am opening myself up to different concepts with the photos I take now; in other words I really dig photos that are not precise. I don’t like photos that are in the exact middle; not to sure how I feel about the thirds rule all of it…when I got my Nikon in 2010 I vowed to find my own style, to learn about my camera not from what someone taught but from how I took photos and I have succeeded in being non traditional even in my photography.

I am grateful about that. I know my ‘style’, my way of taking photos will appeal to some and be abhorred by others and I am okay with that because it is my own.

So I took the camera out and i will need a tripod for macro work. I have one I just didn’t want to pull it out this morning…

One of my favorite flowers is reaching out to the very edge of its limbs to start blossoming and I snapped a few captions that I really like. New Life, new sprouts are always a beautiful way to share my growth internally as well.

I hope you enjoy this photo and if not…that’s okay! Enjoy the day.


Photo by @THOMM

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