Please don’t tell me you are my friend, and that you love me when you no longer speak to me.

Those are false words.

Please don’t tell me how much you care for me when you no longer have the time to give me you.

Those are false words.

Yes, your life has changed; so has mine. It seems like we are on opposite paths now. I do not know what to do about that.

I have stopped putting forth the effort to contact you; because I am always the one that contacts you. When I stop….it all stops…

That tells me that I may be a bit more invested, if you will, in this relationship and I am tired of having those kinds of relationships.

We no longer share the social media relationship either. I quit participating in social media a while ago..that is when the change first started.

I get that you say God is moving you in a certain direction; I say God is moving me deeper and deeper into relations. It feels like your God is moving you away from them.

I know you have a family and that takes up your heart. I get it. I am just struggling with not having an important place in your heart anymore. It hurts.

And so it goes….I miss you and the person that you were because you see, that is the only person I know…



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