Good Morning…

Sometimes I wake up and just feel so disconnected from everyone and everything. Like the dreams I had last night, I ought to have stayed in them instead of woken up at all…

this isn’t a negative thing it is just some mornings it takes a very long minute for the reality to hit me that i am alive, breathing and “here.”

My brother LOVED the scarf I made him, I am so glad I have never knitted anything quite as big as that scarf…

I have my door open and am listening to the earthly chatter outside, going to go immerse myself in it in a bit; my back patio some mornings is just so inviting.

My head is thinking everything and nothing so I am going to say may you have a beautiful day today; no matter if you are scattered or not; always remember that you are hugely loved!!


Yep! That is the scarf that has over 63,000 stitches in it!! It’s ‘home!’

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