Seeking and sharing my life with God/ess is a solitary endeavor.

No longer do I have a need to point out the lack of people in my life…knowing it is my choice!

The last couple months, well four to be exact, have been tough. Stressful and painful and I’ve chosen to share my soul with kind, loving people!

Since last August with the admittance that I’m gay; I have been desiring a more broader definition of God. Broader in the sense of non exclusion; the Christian God has become a very exclusive place to me.

I want the power I rely on to face the storms with me to be all inclusive; I don’t want to practice the ‘I have the golden ticket and unless…’ kind of God. My foundation is God and in that is love and I refuse to believe however I practice that, that God looks down his nose at me cuz I don’t call it Jesus. That’s not the God I follow!!

And if you do; if the only thing that makes you thrive is called God Jesus that is absolutely beautiful AND…don’t judge me because it’s not my MO…I’m still seeking a relationship with God; hopefully I always will and in that I’ve learned how to be responsible for me; my thoughts my actions and my lack of reactions!

I’m so grateful I am no longer in a place where I have to please you to be liked by you! Relationships of all kinds are give & take and I’ve quit giving when nothing is returned! I seek depth, the more into your God you go seems like it’s shallower and shallower and I’m just not interested in that!

I have a lot going on in my life; God knows, my best friend knows and you haven’t appeared interested in a very long time which is great…seek God…enjoy…please stop telling others that people have stopped talking with you. Take responsibility for your lack of actions in this relationship; it might be a great place to start…


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