Taking Flight…

So most of you know these last few months have been extremely difficult for me AND…

Within the last month a Momma swallow has been building a nest in a shrub outside my back patio. Watching her take twigs and miss and all manner of other things to build this nest has been well, miraculous to say the least!

The size twigs she find; then she’d land on the back of the chair I never sit it, then proceed  to move it up to the nest to make sure her little ones were comfy and safe.

Then I heard it; little baby high pitched whistles that I could only hear when everyone and everything around me was uber quiet(not much of that going on lately but every now and again…) then I’d see Momma on the back of my chair with a white crumb in her mouth then again…silence!

Last week I saw these wee little baby swallows on my patio then they’de keep hitting my glass door over and over and over; them they would make it up to the chair I use to sit on and end up diving until they’de hit the ground again only to turn around and do it again all seemingly without much effort, (at least to my eye), no complaining and no Momma!!!

I would say the whole process took smooth and now they are all gone…ALL of them. I asked the Universe if, since they brought me such joy in this season of my life, if I could keep the nest for my Sacred Table…

Today I pulled it out of the bush only to experience sadness. Then I thought to myself ‘Momma has moved on’…saw her last night gathering twigs for the other bush…they apparently don’t make two different nests in the same place…

Nature, and things living it it; all seem to move effortlessly through all changes and I paused and am silent..

THANK YOU Momma & Birdies for showing me so many things I cannot see right now; thank you so much for giving me so much joy…

Much Love


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