I Am


I am back to needing to accept the differences in my beautiful personality and sometimes, with the head chatter, it is quite a challenge.

Self-acceptance has always been a struggle; it doesn’t seem like something I can do once and wipe my hands off and say ‘all done’. There has always been so much of me that people don’t understand and with that comes the mocking, the put downs or just plain ridicule about my choices and the way I have lived my life.

When the part of my brain starts its vicious cycle, I find it very difficult just to stop it. I had a rough year as far as my emotional nature; and the residue left on my brain is almost insurmountable some days.

This day I am focusing on my breathing, just stoping, closing my eyes and breathing in and out; in and out…it is the only thing that instantly grounds me in this very precious moment.

My head is gonna say what it wants to say about me. I get that. It doesn’t mean i need to listen…ever!!! Some days that right there is more of a struggle than anything.


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