Our Opinions Matter Day!

Today we stand on the edge of something somewhat exciting and very scary (in my mind)!

Today is the day where America can exhale…the votes will be tallied and numbers shared across our fine country!

Even though I live, literally, as far west as one can (without going into the ocean), I still feel proud that this is my very first year making my voice heard; recognizing inside me that I matter! Sure my vote will not decide the election, it takes everyone’s to do that; but what my vote does do is remind me that I live in a country where women suffered greatly to give me the choice to vote! I live in a country where I can choose who delegates and makes the choices I feel need to be made! I do not have many choices about matters pertaining to things not in my own life; voting gives me that right!

Having said all of that…I will be grateful not to be getting splashed with hate and garbage about the candidates after tomorrow…well I can at least hope right!

So whether you did or didn’t, whether you went up to a poll or mailed it in; congratulations! Congratulations for standing up for you and making your voice heard! Knowing that it truly does matter!!


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