I’m not an evangelical anything anymore! And I’m breathing and having my being in that truth for me…and it’s fabulous!!!

I believe in my depths that My God rejoices when I wear a polka dotted rain slicker that doesn’t fully snap in the front cuz there is no snaps, and I go to the grocery store to get groceries and it’s pouring down rain!! 

I do not believe, being a native Oregonian, that one cannot whistle and hum when they are feeling the raindrops dance to their own rhythm on my head!

I glorified My God this morning by taking care of me, chatting with folks I’ve never met, and whistled and hummed all the way home because my heart was overflowing with blessings in this moment.

No longer am I bound to doin it this way or doin that way, if it doesn’t included that then it’s not…those actions no longer hold my body or mind captive to the coulda, woulda, shoulda dance!!

I am free to dance in the rain and share the light that always lives in my soul rain or shine!!

What an awesome God/dess I relation with!

Have a wonderful rainshiny day!!!


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