Loving My Physical Body…

Let me start off by saying my body was not my own from the age of 3 on. Yep the age of 3. There were sooo many ‘stages’ others went through that I don’t even have any clue of to this day.

So I was just now putting lotion on my elbows and I realized something…I can see the wrinkles on my arm when my skin isn’t moisturized enough…

In other words….my body is aging. The actual shell, my skin, is getting older…and it dawned on my that no one has ever taught me how to take care of my physical body…that is something I have had to learn along the way..in my DBT therapy it is called ‘self soothing’; when you sooth your physical self so the emotional will balance out..

I use lotion a lot. And it feels good to my skin. I am not sure how to age, I only am learning what makes my body feel good for me. That is important because we are the last things we are told to take care of when it comes to society so I try and live the exact opposite…be the first person I take care of so the rest that trickles out can maybe help someone else along the road…

I am learning how to lovingly touch myself..and that is very hard since my body has undergone so much abuse and so much hurriedness…slowing down and rubbing lotion on my body is an act of love almost to big to fathom…

I am working on it.

How about you? Does your physical shell have any trauma that you are trying to love away? Well if so, know and trust you are not alone. It becomes easier as I get older simply because the concern and/or worry I have for what other people think has fallen off the way and I am becoming more and more focused on me and what I need in a kind and loving way; not a selfish, self-centered way.

May we all continue to grow and learn how to be most loving towards ourselves first so it can trickle down to everyone that crosses our path each day.

Much Love



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