Stream Of Consciousness…

I woke up a bit ago because something soooo vividly bold in my dream told me too(still seecolor red and feel the urgency couldn’t tell ya what the hell the dream was about!!

It’s always real disturbing to me when some one/thing in a dream wakes me up in a panicked state, and I don’t remember my dreamtime…feels like I’ve left a part of me there…

The reality is that maybe my dreamtime woke me because I left my waterfall on and it was running out of water…I just don’t do well with the panic/urgency at which I woke up…that’s was bothers me most cuz then it takes me such a long time to get ‘all’ here!!

I was giving a lovely turkey yesterday that had to be cooked today so I got it prepared, forgetting that the kind people that gave it to me wanted to make sure it was okay and had cut open the turkey wrapper…so I lifted the turkey to the stove not remembering about the rest at all and ended up getting turkey blood all over the floor…

Not such a bad thing except I hadn’t landed in this reality yet and it was not pleasant having to mop it up off the floor so early..can’t find the bag inside….so it’s in the oven now, getting its bake on.. 

WoW!!! This seems like just A LOT of life lived before even being up for a half hour..

Thoughts now are…where are the giblet parts of the turkey? Will it hurt anything to have them still inside if they are? I don’t know.. 

I’d like a re-do on this morning…I have to wake up so slowly or my head goes all day and that is just not fun for me!!

I’m going to put my violin Christmas music on and get my knit on; disappear into my waterfall have a cup of coffee and watch the rain fall and BREATHE…

May your morning start slow and may you breathe deeply into the day!!

Much Love 


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