Cat’s Out of The Bag…

or any other animal that might have been lurking in the bag that I had no idea about…

Well with the ushering in of the new year on this, the third day, I was encouraged to write my journey of living with mental illness…and I did.

Just put hands to the keyboard, haven’t even had coffee yet, and typed out a basic synopsis of what the last 52 years have been like…

eeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk!! It feels scary and vulnerable and powerful all at the same time. Other people are going to know what I have lived through…people I do not know nor will I ever see are going to know a bit, well the essence really, of who I am…

whew. there is a little girl inside jumping up and doing going ‘yawhooooo she finally did it!!!’ Yep I finally talked about my journey and I feel a bit like I have jumped into the coldest water ever when it is 20 below at…you know that exhilaration that goes with that, well that must go with that….



No more darkness. No more hidden corners of darkness. The sash has been drawn and the window pulled up to let the fresh air come wafting in through the pillars in the attic. It will soon become her solitary place and not the place she runs to to scream and holler and hurt herself.

Goddess has been given permission to move into the attic and protect her…I no longer have to do it; it is no longer me, but Goddess, who will take care of her…I can let all of that go…


Blessed Be )0(

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