Authentic: Of undisputed origin; genuine.

I woke up later than normal for me this morning and I just read and watched the video for Sesame Street featuring Julia, the new kid on the block who has Autism and it made me cry……

 My sister has autism. And I lived with an untreated mental health diagnosis for 42 years because no one could figure it out…and now parents and their kids do not have to go through the frustrations and unknowing…there is absolutely nothing worse than having something off, loving someone and not being able to do a thing about it…

Kind of deep for first thing in the morning but there is no difference for me…I am deep all the time…and that can be really exhausting but it is more exhausting not being authentically ME!

The Creator of the whole Universe designed me in a way as to not be a carbon copy of absolutely anyone or anything else. I am slowly stripping those layers off and coming into my own fabulousness; not following any religion or rules or restrictions that someone else manufactured telling me THIS is the way I need to be in order to live a “full, healthy, happy” life. Stripping away, and really, truly looking at and letting go of all the ways I desperately tried to win love (that was the ultimate goal) has become something I welcome with open arms.

This day, I just do not believe that Creator created me to be a cookie cut out of anyone else. And that is creating an incomparable peace because you see, I have quit doing and saying and believing things that are just not true to my very own Spirit. The very thing, the only thing that connects me to that which created me. When I listen to her…really listen…my world becomes my world and love and life and well everything opens up and life is amazing. When I don’t listen to her I am one fearful, loud, following the latest whim person and I can no longer do that. I have truly crossed over the canyon of self and made it to the horizon of life and I cannot unknowing what I know. There is simply no turning back…YAWHOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Today is the first day of spring, at least on the calendar and well I suppose, goddess is doing something with the earth too but around these parts yesterday was sunny tee shirt weather and today we are pulling out the winter coasts again but that’s okay. I believe that Spring equals hope and hope is alive and well in these parts today.

May we all be who we authentically are today…and everyday!

Deep Love & Rich Blessings.

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