Unconditional Giving Cycle..

I have been soooo very, very sick the last 10 days. I haven’t eaten in 3 days (before today) and I just I don’t know…

My sister and brother ‘n love came all the way over to get me groceries because when I am out of commission I cannot do anything; I don’t drive, I dang sure wasn’t up toweling or taking the bus…

They saw/heard a need and they showed up! I, in my human shell, have such a hard time accepting that you see because they showed up two hours away from their home to buy me some groceries so I can heel; are currently driving back two hours…four hours just to buy me some groceries and make sure they did everything they could to help me…

Let me be clear…there is growing a huge chasm between my body and my soul. I am able to differentiate between the two in my mind just like night and day and I love that. So what I am about to say is strictly in my human shell…my ego…my body…my soul understands that the miles and hours driven don’t matter…that their sister was in need and they filled the need…my soul gets that…my body/mind is a whole other thing…it is trying desperately to get me to grab onto guilt because that will keep me tied down and feeling crappy; my mind is trying to convince me that I am not worthy of them taking time out of their life, my sisters day off, to come here and help me out…that too keeps my mind in a negative space which is manifesting itself in unrest in my body…

Goddess has brought my family into my life because we are like minded people. When you see a need, particularly from family, fill it if you are able. This isn’t about a control trip for her; it is done in absolute love and purity of heart…and if i don’t accept it that way it bounces off the Universe and the unconditional giving cycle stops for a moment…

i feel deeply, deeply loved. i couldn’t do what she did. i couldn’t walk myself over the hill; i can’t seem to quite coughing and the dizziness and all the stuff…i needed help. Goddess sent my sister…

I am thankful.

Deep Love and Rich Blessings





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